Spreading the Spoken Word During “June Is Audiobook Month”

June Is Audiobook MonthJune Is Audiobook Month (JIAM) is an annual effort to spread the word about audiobooks though as many channels and to as many people as possible.

It’s a cooperative effort involving the Audio Publishers Association (APA), authors, publishers, reviewers, narrators, retailers, librarians, listeners … anyone who cares about helping more people discover the joys of audiobooks.

There’s nothing formal about JIAM, and there really aren’t any rules. It’s about using your imagination and your social media skills to reach as many people as possible, to interest the uninitiated, to start conversations, attract converts. (While nothing limits JIAM to social media and the Internet, that’s where most of the activity seems to take place.)

How to participate in June Is Audiobook Month

Again, there aren’t any rules. Use the social media resources you have available and the tactics you’re most comfortable with. Here are a few suggestions that might help you find the best combination.

  • Do you have a website? Add the JIAM logo to the site. (You can copy it from this post.)
  • Do you sell products from your site? Have a June Is Audiobook Month special sale. Or a contest. Or a survey.
  • Do you blog? Post about how you first got involved with audiobooks. Or what they mean in your life. Or why you publish them.
  • Are you on Twitter? Google+? Facebook? Post and/or tweet about your favorite audiobooks. About audiobook events. About recording sessions.
  • Are you on Pinterest? Set up a board for audiobooks and pin your favorites (not just the ones you publish). Pin photos from a recording session or an event.
  • Do you follow other people or companies who post online about audiobooks? Tweet the article. Retweet. Plus on Google+. Like on Facebook. Pin or repin.

Wherever you focus your efforts, remember that you’re trying to reach listeners, not just others involved in the industry.

Note: If you post on Google+ or tweet about audiobooks during June, please use the hashtags #JIAM2013 and #audiobooks. Remember, people inside the industry might know what “JIAM2013” means, but non-industry listeners probably don’t. If you use both hashtags, you’re more likely to reach more listeners.

Help get JIAM off to a strong start

Remember too that while it’s important to spread your efforts out throughout the month, it’s also very important to do something on June 1st or as early in June as possible. The earlier everyone gets started, the more likely momentum will build throughout the month.

Approach this “promotional initiative” as a fun way to “talk” about something you love. That’s the attitude that’s helped this work so well in the past – and that will make it an even bigger success this year.

The idea behind June Is Audiobook Month is simple: spread the word and build the audience – and maybe earn some visibility and traffic for yourself and your titles in the process.

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