About Big Happy Family Audio

Jessica Kaye created Big Happy Family Audio in 2006 in response to frustrations she was hearing from publishers she worked with: Major audiobook download sites were hesitant to work with small and medium-sized publishers.


A Grammy Award-winning audiobook producer with more than 500 audio titles to her credit

A former audiobook and book publisher of more than 200 titles

A former President of the Audio Publishers Association

A practicing lawyer with years of publishing, rights and distribution contract experience

What the publishing companies needed was someone to act as a go-between — to aggregate all of their titles and present them to the sites as a single list.

And then to do the same in reverse for the download sites — receive one set of statements and one royalty payment from the sites and disburse those to the individual companies.

Enter Big Happy Family Audio

… a digital audiobook distribution company, helping companies get their audio titles offered in outlets they wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

Jessica Kaye’s Background

Jessica Kaye

Jessica Kaye holds both a Law Degree and a Masters Degree in Business. In 1990, Ms. Kaye founded The Publishing Mills, an audio and literary publishing company that successfully published nearly 200 titles. Ms. Kaye has produced several Grammy Award nominated works, including Crank Calls by Jonathan Winters, winner of the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Recording.

She has served as President of the Audio Publishers Association and as a member of the Board of Governors for the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Academy for Recording Arts & Sciences. Ms. Kaye is admitted to practice law in both California and Connecticut.

When she returned to private law practice, she found that she had a number of publishing clients with audio programs but too few to contract with download providers. To rectify that, she founded a digital distribution company. That company is Big Happy Family Audio.

About George Hodgkins

George Hodgkins

Early in 2009 George Hodgkins joined Big Happy Family, LLC, to help develop and organize BHFA’s internet presence. His role also includes ensuring that publishers take advantage of all of the distribution opportunities BHFA offers.

George served as one of the early presidents of the Audio Publishers Association, was marketing director of Audio Renaissance Tapes, operations VP for BookZone, and has held positions in book and audiobook publishing and retailing for more than 30 years.

During his career he has developed and managed more than 150 websites, from 1-title publishers to major sites like Audio Editions, Audio Publishers Association and IBPA (formerly PMA). He currently owns and operates GEH Consulting, LLC, with an ongoing focus on the audiobook and book publishing communities.