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Streaming audiobooks at

We are very happy to announce the addition of as a new distribution resource for Big Happy Family audiobook publishers. has been online for approximately 17 years. It was one of the first audiobook-only internet retail sites. It may well have been the first.

But recently – as a result of its acquisition by Simply Audiobooks – has undergone dramatic changes, both in its look and in its approach to offering audiobooks.

Here’s what the people at have to say: is your go-to source for unlimited audio books, available via instant download from the cloud on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet or any other internet-enabled device. [Our] app makes it possible to listen to audio books anywhere there’s an internet connection, switch seamlessly between multiple devices without losing your place, and enjoy unlimited listening to thousands of titles.

So now, in addition to CD purchase, rental and digital download options, we have unlimited streaming audiobooks. Great news for both publishers and listeners.

If you are a Big Happy Family Audio publisher, you will receive an email soon letting you know how you can make sure your titles are available at

If you are not with Big Happy Family Audio yet, now is a good time to learn how you can work with us to get your titles placed with and all of the download sites we work with.

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